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Welcome to my website!
Based in Sydney, Australia, I am an Organisational Change Manager by profession and a writer by passion.
As an Organisational Change Manager,  I am keen to exchange ideas and experiences of learning, productivity, career progression, and financial literacy.  I work primarily in financial services, advising big banks, insurance and superannuation companies on change management. I have also worked in cloud computing and government consulting.
As a writer, I believe — slightly twisting the words of William Wordsworth — I am a human being talking to other humans about them and about myself. I am keen to know your story and I have many stories to tell you. Currently I’m working on my first novel.
On this site, I want to interact with you. I’m always happy to chat; so feel free to get in touch.


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The only quote I will share now.

A disciplined mind brings happiness.
Lord Buddha

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